Anyone that's been following this blog or my website over the past few years will have noticed a significant change in the design and layout of this current iteration of my portfolio and blog over the past few months. This has been done so for various reasons - the most important has everything to do with barriers to customization.

Hosting your own site definitely allows for the experience of myriad kinds of pain, but none of them, in my opinion, are greater then the inability to own your own content after the fact (if you ever choose to jump to a new host, typically you can't take your files, templates, code, etc, with you, because they don't actually belong to you if you use a content management system in the first place). Also, they don't typically allow for the use of javascript or anything executable, like the example below.

Not to rant, but "Finally!" is what I'm trying to say. FINALLY, I can host my own code again, and it's fantastic. The more savvy readers of this blog will most certainly be able to discern what host I'm on - I recommend them. Two thumbs up for sure.

Anyhow, I'll be making updates soon to certain sections of my portfolio in order for you to view more of my code and other interactive projects that have only been viewable in stills.

More to come...

Touch and drag with your fingers or mouse to interact with the model above.

[Most compatible with Chrome and Safari while on mobile]

Military Working Dog ID