• Undertones: Live Cinema and Electronic Music

    Undertones: Live Cinema and Electronic Music

    Sound and image go together like peanut butter and jelly. Or better yet, like modular synthesis and analog tape loops, such as in this program featuring solo and collaborative performances from image makers and minimalist soundscape artists. Using 16mm film loops, Max/MSP programming, and high definition CGI, Portland media artists Mia Ferm, Brandy Gray, and Megan McKissack will collaborate with minimalist processed field recordings and tonal landscapes created by Felisha Ledesma, Reese Bowes, and Burke Jam. Marcus Fischer will present his own integrated audiovisual ambience. Co-presented with Tim Westcott, a member of local sound art collective SIX, the showcase will be presented on a high fidelity, quadraphonic sound system in the resonant acoustics of the Whitsell Auditorium.

    Tuesday, August 7 @ NWFC

  • Escape Velocity

    In order to escape the pull of an event horizon of a so-called "black" hole, one must be travelling at speeds that - solid - matter cannot physically. If my body were to travel anywhere near 670,616,629 miles per hour it would vaporize or my atoms would be scattered across light years. So the notion of travelling at potentially twice that speed in order to gravitate away from some lumbering, invisible force gobbling up everything in its path is confounding. 

    However, there is another way that my information could escape one of these infinitely dense objects - it can evaporate. 

    Effectively, all matter (information), so said Hawking, evaporates as radiation - dubbed Hawking–Zel'dovich radiation - at some point from these black-bodies falling in all directions out there above and below this tiny sphere on which we reside. 

    To put it simply, the way out is through. 

  • Max Cooper - Hope

    New works coming. 

    In the meantime - Hope, by Max Cooper and Thomas Vanz.

  • Reliqs @ Holocene [full]

     Here's my full set from Holocene Portland.

    The visuals and audio were performed simultaneously.

  • Events!


    I'm also performing at the S1 Anniversary event in Portland on June 10th. 

    Come celebrate with us. 

  • Events!


    I'll be performing at Ace Hotel in Portland for First Thursday this June. 

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  • These are the people I work with.

    These are the people I work with.

    I have had the pleasure for the past few years to work for Lama Nachman and the Anticipatory Computing Lab at Intel Labs. I literally sit next to the people who've been developing Stephen Hawking's interface that he used to communicate all his wonderful ideas with us. 

    You can read more about Lama, the Hawking Project at Intel, and the ACL, here and here

    Rest well, Stephen.