Reese Bowes is a multi-disciplinary designer with a demonstrated history of producing experiences, prototypes, and leading technical strategy for research and development in the computing and interactive experiences industries. Most recently, he assisted and lead areas in the evaluation and development of new cloud-based AI and machine learning developer solutions for IoT and Edge computing for Intel’s New Software Experiences (NEX) organization. Prior to this he was senior strategy/technical lead and senior experience designer at Instrument, a senior creative technologist at Amplified by Design in Portland, and also lead industrial design and systems prototyping efforts for the Systems Prototyping Lab at Intel Labs.

Reese has over fifteen years of experience in software engineering, technical validation, and user experience and industrial design. He has worked with and developed designs and design strategies for companies and institutions such as Red Hat, Samsung, Dropbox, SalesForce, Youtube, Microsoft, Oregon Health and Science University, Intermountain Healthcare Group, General Motors, Michelin, and the US Army.

Reese’s competencies reside in software engineering and processor validation, developer and user experience design and strategy, user interface design, web design and development, conceptual development, and rapid prototyping. He’s held position as an affiliate faculty member at the original PNCA's Make+Think+Code Lab (now CETI at PSU) where he taught workshops focusing on the unification of virtual reality, computer assisted drafting, and observational drawing and sculpting, and he’s also taught audio production at Portland State University's School of Audio and Music Production. Reese continues to mentor students in PNCA's graduate programs and through AIGA as an ongoing contribution to new and emerging designers and artists.

Reese’s personal work as an artist ranges from electronic and analog music production, fine art illustration, on to digital interactive multimedia installations. His interactive installations, sound sculptures, and visual work typically focus on the intersections between human-to-human interactions as modified by technological interfaces, and the cognitive effects of unconscious design on large populations. His work has been shown at various galleries in Portland, Oregon, including the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, the Northwest Film Center, PDX Contemporary, and Disjecta (Oregon Contemporary).

Reese earned an MFA in Applied Craft and Design through a joint degree from the Pacific Northwest College of Art and the Oregon College of Art and Craft. He’s studied Artificial Intelligence at the Center for Spoken Language and Understanding (Natural Language Processing) at Oregon Health and Science University (formerly, OGI School of Science and Engineering). He also started his art and design career at the South Carolina Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities, and was the part of the second graduate class of the now 24 year old institution (as of 2023). He has thus far been awarded and granted 11 United States Patents for various designs and technologies that have furthered or provided foundation for interactions in virtual and augmented reality, in addition to design patents for wireless charging apparatuses and ultra-high bandwidth wireless storage devices.


"Erased". Imperfecta Gallery. Oregon City, Oregon : 2023

Reliqs @ Thirsty City, The Goodfoot. Portland, OR : 2023

Out of Sight / Bumbershoot 50th Anniversary. Seattle, WA: 2023

Wayward Music Series: Noel Brass Jr. + Intervales (w/Reese Bowes), Nonsequitur. Seattle, WA : 2023

Remembering to Remember: Experiments in Sound, PICA. Portland, OR : 2023

Holocene's 19th Anniversary. Portland, OR : 2022

Rewire Festival @ PSU, Portland, OR : 2022

"Lessons of Decay", with Jesse Kees, and Ashot Danyielyan. PICA/The Bodecker Foundation. Portland, OR : 2021

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The Old Moody Roadshow, Zidell Yards, Portland, OR : 2020

Holocene: Virtual Live Music, Portland, OR : 2020

Superpositions, Disjecta Contemporary, Portland, OR : 2018

Consilience, Disjecta Contemporary, Portland, OR : 2018

The Sunrise Plague [Reliqs] - S1 Anniversary, Portland, OR : 2018

Heather Perkins | Reliqs | Wallfacer, Ace Hotel, Portland, OR : 2018

HYPERCAPITAL | Reliqs | Wallfacer | Disxiple 113, Holocene, Portland, OR : 2018

SUBHARMONIC : A Sonic Arts Festival, PICA, Portland, OR : 2018

Worn Dividends [Reliqs] @ Jack London Revue : A Sonic Arts Festival, PICA, Portland, OR : 2018

Be Calm Prometheus [Reliqs], Leaven Community, Portland, OR : 2018

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