Immersive Technology, Gaming Culture, and Theater

Here's a recording from a speaking panel I was a part of on June 24, 2021.

Compliments of Portland Center Stage:

Inspired by the immersive experience in the upcoming production of Summerfield Estates, we're taking a deep dive into the wild and wonderful world of interactive design, with a special panel discussion featuring some of Portland's most exciting vanguard artists.

Featured panelists will include Nisha Burton from Reflective Brands, who designs cutting-edge, immersive virtual reality/augmented reality (VR/AR) experiences, branding, and marketing campaigns; game-maker Will Lewis, the founder and president of PIGSquad; and multimedia artist Reese Bowes, who designs site-specific projections and reactive art. The conversation will be moderated by videographer/actor Ashley Song Mellinger, the lead artist of Summerfield Estates, who is using gamification to inform the use of interactive media in theater and performing arts.

June 25, 2021