The end of a decade.

This is the beginning of a new blog, the third major version of such a thing from me since I started writing quietly online way back when I still had a GeoCities webpage.

The times have obviously changed since then.

Without all the fuss and rambling this time, I'm going to present you with the above video - one I shot for the band Golden Retriever earlier this year. Just another side project among many that I keep myself occupied with. I do hope you take the time to enjoy it.

I'll be writing here from now on and posting things the way I've been wanting to. Everything about this website, the front-end, the back-end, the code, everything is mine now and I'm going to be maintaining it and developing it. This is an ongoing practice and the results of my thoughts will reveal themselves as changes in both this blog and the main website. There's so much more I have yet to post and plenty to include in my portfolio that has sat in archives for many years now. It'll all be here soon.