LightField HMD

This was a redesign I delivered for a prototype, head-mounted display, that was commissioned by the Computational Imaging Lab of Intel Labs. What makes this HMD different from 'traditional' HMDs is that the wearer is afforded the ability to more physically and comfortably focus on objects perceived in the distance as displayed, as a result of the lenticular array that you see in the renderings. See descriptions of light field: here, here, and the most readable description - from a company we referenced a lot as well - from Otoy here.

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The following are camera array configurations that were identified to allow for different kinds of light field display projections.

IVE_mapping_Page_1 IVE_mapping_Page_2 IVE_mapping_Page_3 IVE_mapping_Page_4 IVE_mapping_Page_5 IVE_mapping_Page_6 IVE_mapping_Page_7 IVE_mapping_Page_8