Military Working Dog

The MWD prototype is a collaboration between Intel Labs and the US Army that aims to understand how treatment of PTSD in working dogs of all types - military, SWAT, police, etc - may be tracked and mitigated using spatial location data. The idea is that a dog that returns from a theater of war or from police operations that is diagnosed with PTSD (exhibits pacing, spinning, biting, and growling behaviors) can be treated by a handler of some kind. While the handler is away from a dog's enclosure its behaviors are tracked by the device for analysis to determine improvements or degradations of the dog's mental health over time.

These are several iterations and the final iteration of the design I shipped to the 541st Regiment for their training and treatment studies. The design required a waterproof, biteproof (up to 600psi), and glove manipulable package that would allow for easy undocking from the dog's collar for charging and data extraction.


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