Event Horizon

A collection of music and styleGAN audio interpretations I've been working on for a few years...

4th Jan 2022

Lessons of Decay [Final]

Project Statement: The spiral of time has achieved its highest point and now obviously falling down. “Lessons of decay” captures the moments...

11th Nov 2021

Aurora Borealis

September 3, 2021.

It's 3:30am. I find myself standing in a field just 20 minutes north of F...

18th Sep 2021

You Shouldn't Let Poets Lie To You

As I'm sitting here waiting for one of my various projects to render in the background - on another screen - I found this video of Bjork talking ab...

8th Aug 2021

An Old House

An old house is a picture
Between two pages of history.

Its lines are etched by the slanti...

27th Jul 2021