New music from me, Reliqs, for 2021.

Headphones may be necessary for maximum enjoyment.

17th Jul 2021

Inch by Inch

This is but the latest of many iterations of both sound and visual experiments I've been worki...

7th Jun 2021

Creative Exchange Lab @ PICA

This was the presentation I gave for my work over the past few years and my most recent explorations that were a part of this year's Creative Excha...

26th Apr 2021

Painting Point Clouds

An experiment in translating a time-lapse of one of my digital paintings into point cloud data...

18th Apr 2021

Hysteron proteron

As part of the PICA CXL Residency I'm currently a part of, I've been working on some new graph...

7th Apr 2021

Bias is not a bias | Thing is a thing

Look, if you don't understand the idea that when you, yes YOU, make a thing, anything, that thing takes on all the biases that have been imprinted...
1st Apr 2021

Spacetime Diaries

In the Fall of 2020 I got to work on some music and contributed some voice acting to this podcast called Spacetime Diaries.

Check out the series...

9th Mar 2021

Spacetime Diaries - Beautiful Fantasy

On March 1st, 2020, Ghan Patel and I released a music video we put together for the fifth episode of Spacetime Diaries. You can check it out i...

9th Mar 2021