Bias is not a bias | Thing is a thing

Look, if you don't understand the idea that when you, yes YOU, make a thing, anything, that thing takes on all the biases that have been imprinted upon you over the many years you've been alive, then I'm not sure what to talk to you about when we talk about bias with a capital "B".

I'm not at all going to dive deeper into that, I'm going to stop right there because this video talking about bias - though benign in its intentions - is still very late to the party.

Very late.

PICA - Creative Exchange Lab Residency

I'm happy to announce that I've been included as a part of this year's Creative Exchange Lab collaborative residency through the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art. There's definitely some new work coming. 

You can check out the residency here ->

And my statement, here ->

Keep making art, friends.

Spacetime Diaries - Beautiful Fantasy

On March 1st, 2020, Ghan Patel and I released a music video we put together for the fifth episode of Spacetime Diaries. You can check it out in the previous post.

For my part in this project, I shot and manipulated all the 3D footage of the dancers you see, and also the cityscape renderings and flybys.

Spacetime Diaries

In the Fall of 2020 I got to work on some music and contributed some voice acting to this podcast called Spacetime Diaries.

Check out the series and, if you know me, see if you can find where my character shows up.

I bet you can't :)


Some experiments in preparation for a music video I've been working on.